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Survey 2018-08-01

Why do you come to LUG?

  • To see the things the lads are currently working on
  • To enjoy discussing nerd and geek!
  • I got recommended by someone my mum met, and thought I could find some like-minded others
  • To hang out with other Linux nerds
  • Socialising with like-minded people
  • I come to LUG to learn tips / techniques from other professional computer blokes

What do you like about LUG

  • beer, pizza, random discussions about tech and non-tech issues.
  • Problem solving.
  • Learning about Linux stuff I would not normally touch on.
  • Meeting new people with similar interests.
  • Helping people with their problems.
  • Learning about the industry and ecosystem.
  • Stories, jokes, etc
  • Talking about, and listening to, others experiences with Linux and dev/coding.
  • Its friendly.

What would you like to do/see more of at LUG?

  • Some deep dive into subjects that would interest the group (+3)
  • Short presentations (5-10 mins) (+2)
  • Group projects / dev (+1)
  • Coding challenges (+1)
  • Hardware show & tell (+1)

Not upvoted:

  • I haven't really had enough time to think but less swearing is the only thing I can squeeze out
  • Maybe the occasional guest presentation
  • Conference reports
  • More programming related things: challenges, projects
  • Presentations (kept to 40 mins or less)
  • Cool things being done with program/apps not normally associated with those things